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scene from Harbinger
l u z w o r k s
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Film Production

• luzworks handles a full complement of film production details, including budgeting, access to top crews, and relationships with top marketing companies to facilitate in the exploitation of a project's release. All under one roof, luzworks develops projects in-house from concept to film distribution. For the record, luzworks does not accept unsolicited scripts. To submit a script/project, please contact us for information about submitting to our attorney. 


Film Distribution

• luzworks realizes that the content path of a film or TV show in someone's head to a local multiplex, flat-screen or gaming console is complex. Therefore, we have contacts with the leading film distribution companies in the space: Apple/iTunes, Amazon, Microsoft/Xbox, Sony/PlayStation, WalMart/VUDU, Best Buy/CinemaNow, Blockbuster, Echostar, YouTube, Netflix, Redbox, HULU, Verizon, AT&T, DirecTV.




Media Consulting

• luzworks advises clients on structuring debt and equity finance, examining production and project budgets, cash flow, casting selections, packaging, resource allocation and distributor interest in all stages of production and distribution. Our production network also those who specialize in structuring complex international co-productions and who are well versed in all tax incentives both foreign and domestic. 


Film Production & Film Distribution by luzworks

luzworks, based in Austin, Texas, is a multi-media entertainment company for film production, film distribution, television, games, toys, Internet production, and more.


luzworks operates as a mini film production studio in Austin, keeping overhead to a minimum while performing at the standards of a much larger independent film production company.


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